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Angela Channing (nee Gioberti; formerly Erikson, Stavros and Agretti) is the tough, tyrannical matriarch of Falcon Crest and a powerful woman in Tuscany Valley, who is the principal character of the series.

Angela was a typical Gioberti. She hated competition. The self-confident woman never hesitated to incite vulgar intrigue to driver her enemies mentally or financially in the abyss.

Her teenage love was Peter Stavros.

She married Douglas Channing, the owner of The San Francisco Globe and they had three children: Richard (who thought to have a been a stillborn, but wa actually stolen by Douglas and Jacqueline), Julia and Emma.

Her only purpose in life was Falcon Crest.

Jason's wife, Jacqueline Perrault, was a thorn in her side.


  • Owner of Falcon Crest
    • Owner of Karl Beck Vineyards
    • Owner of Short Vineyards (through the Tuscany Land Co.)
    • Owner of Buckman Vineyards (through the Tuscany Land Co.)
    • Owner of Brandon Tame Vineyards (through the Tuscany Land Co.)
    • Owner of 22 other vineyards (through the Tuscany Land Co.)
  • Owner of Kleeger Distributions
  • Owner of a block of houses on Union Hill in San Francisco, California
  • Owner of The (New) San Francisco Globe (through Rapter Enterprises)
  • Partner in Tuscany Downs
  • Owner of Del Oro Spa and Country Club in Tuscany Valley, California
  • President of the Tuscany Vine Growers Association
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Pinewood Savings & Loans


  • One of Angela's hobbies is molding busts.