Falcon Crest is a Tuscany Valley winery located in the Napa Valley region outside San Francisco.


Stepped in tradition and built with the blood and sweat of generations, Falcon Crest is more than a vast winery cradled in the rolling hills above San Francisco - it is the story of a family and heritage.

Approximately in 1875, Giuseppe Gioberti, an Italian gold prospector, migrates to California. He meets Tessa Lindstrom, a Swede, in San Francisco and gets married to her. Giuseppe, who is called "Joseph" in America, however, does not dig any gold, but find fertile soil in the Tuscany Valley, a settlement founded in 1824 and located north of fine Tuscany Valley. Inspired by lots of falcons in the area, he names his estate Falcon Crest. He builds up a brown limestone manor house, the Gioberti House. In 1883, Jasper, Joseph and Tessa's first son, is born. Purchasing several more vineyards and using his knowledge in viticulture, Joseph extends his growing fields to 554 acres within a few years. He now owns the largest vineyards in the valley and finally has a Chateau Style Winery Building and a Victorian Mansion constructed. After Joseph's death, his son Jasper is his universal heir; Jasper, who is married to Lily Travers, has two children, Angela and Jason. Jasper's marriage, however, ends up in a disaster because his wife is very unfaithful. His ambitious daughter, Angela, convinces him to dedicate his life to his business only and gets him completely under control. After their father's death, Falcon Crest is passed on to Angela and Jason, who have to share the estate 50:50. Angela, who lives in the Victorian Mansion, runs the business; Jason, who has been an alcoholic after his divorce, is no longer interested in business affairs and makes a bare living in the Gioberti House, which he totally neglects.