Richard Channing (born Richard Denault Channing) is a ruthless businessman.


  • Chairman of the Board of Directors and 40% Owner of The (New) San Francisco Globe
  • 1/3 Owner of Falcon Crest
    • Owner of Visconti Winery in Tuscany Valley, California
  • Owner of Channing Enterprises
    • Owner of The (New) San Francisco Globe
    • Owner of Channing News
    • Owner of Channing Productions
    • Owner of The Sacramento Clarion
    • Owner of The Tuscany Shopper
    • Owner of The Eureka Sun
  • Owner of KRDC
  • Partner in Channing & Sampson (later, Channing & Associates)
  • Owner of Sansamour Construction
  • Owner of Channing, Inc. (formerly Kibbler Beverages)
  • Owner of a Windstream 4 aircraft (through R.C. Incorporated)